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Sunset Lake CBD's Δ9 Gummies are our most potent CBD edibles to date. Each watermelon-flavored square contains a groovy 10:1 ratio of our CBD to hemp-derived delta-9 THC.


These gummies can do it all--- help you relax, laugh along with your favorite movie, and put a big ol' smile on your face. Cut them in half or eat them whole. Each Δ9 Gummy contains 5mg of THC and 50mg of CBD.


These Δ9 Gummies are also:

● Gluten-Free

● Vegan(made with fruit-based pectin)

● Third-party tested for quality and safety


Warning: This product contains hemp-derived THC and should not be consumed before operating heavy machinery. Consuming this product in any quantity may result in a failed drug test.


**Not available for purchase by residents of the State(s) of Vermont.**

Δ9 Gummies

  • On your first use, open the childproof jar and ensure there is no tear in the tamper-evident seal. Consume 1/2- 1 gummy at a time and store the rest. CBD and THC, especially in their edible forms, can affect people differently based on factors unique to every individual.

    You may start to feel the effects of your Δ9 Gummy in as little as 30 minutes or at most 120 minutes. While you wait for your gummy to kick in, please do not consume another. If you have any questions about dosing, the gummies themselves, or our disclaimers, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

    When To Use

    We suggest taking your Δ9 Gummy once you're at home and do not have to drive or operate heavy machinery. If your gummy seems to be taking too long to work, do not eat another gummy. This can lead to some unwanted side effects.

    Our Recommendation

    If you're new to CBD and delta-9 THC edibles, we recommend that you start with 1/2 of a Δ9 Gummy. Eat your gummy with food or a snack. Do not consume on an empty stomach. Once you've consumed your half of a gummy, wait for 60 minutes. Do not eat the other half if you're happy with your current state. If you choose, eat the other half. Do not consume more than one gummy in a 12-hour period.

    Do not consume this product before operating heavy machinery. Do not consume this product if you are subject to workplace drug screenings.

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