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Need your daily dose of CBD on the go? Our 30mL (1oz.) bottle of 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil would be perfect for you. One dropper-full of our 750mg formula contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD— a great standard dose for experienced and new users alike!


Sunset Lake CBD’s 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is available in three flavors:

● Citrus- a lively blend of your favorite citrus fruit

● Mint- afresh blend that tastes great by itself and in beverages

● Natural / Unflavored- A reliable tincture that showcases hemp’s earthy flavor We recommend starting with 1mL, roughly a dropper full, of this CBD oil. It will contain 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. When you know how this dosage affects you (after two weeks of continual use) adjust your dosage as necessary.

750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture- 30mL

  • Fast: Fill the dropper to your desired dosage and dispense the oil under your tongue. Rest your tongue on top to increase the surface area in contact with the oil. Count to 20 and swallow.

    Est. time to effect 20- 30 minutes.

    Gradual: Fill the dropper to your desired dosage and dispense the oil into your favorite beverage or food. We would suggest adding CBD oil to your morning coffee or your sleepytime tea. There is no harm in mixing your CBD oil with your favorite foods, so feel free to combine it with whatever foods or drinks are most convenient for you. Consume your infused dish as you would normally.

    Est. time to effect: 60- 90 minutes

    When to use:

    Take your preferred dose whenever you prefer. We do recommend new users acclimate to their dosage before operating any heavy machinery. Acclimating generally takes two weeks of continual use. Even though CBD is non-psychoactive— it has been known to make some users feel quite sleepy!

    CBDcan affect people differently based on unique conditions like body size and previous cannabis use.


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