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Is there anything better than rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate? How about all of that but dosed with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD? Sunset Lake CBD's CBD Chocolate Fudge contains 12 pre-dosed squares of fudge that can bring peace to your day and help usher in a tranquil night. We work with a master chocolatier who blends our full-spectrum hemp distillate into rich, delicious, palm-oil-free fudge.


Each box of CBD Chocolate Fudge contains the following:

● 300mg of CBD

● 12mg of THC

● 6mg of CBG

CBD Chocolate Fudge

  • Remove the plastic tray from the cardboard enclosure, and use your finger to push a square of fudge from the plastic tray. Consume one piece and replace the tray. CBD, especially edible full-spectrum CBD, can affect people differently based on unique conditions like body size and previous cannabis use. Consume one CBD Chocolate Fudge square at a time. Wait 30- 60 minutes for the CBD to take effect. If you have any further questions about the dosage or the fudge itself, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

    When To Use

    For the first week of use, we suggest taking one fudge square in the evening or after you finish your daily tasks and don't need to drive anywhere. Once you know how your body responds to one square of fudge, feel free to experiment with your dosage schedule until you find a routine that suits your needs. If your dose seems to take too long to kick in, please be patient. Don't eat another fudge square. Stacking edible CBD doses can lead to unwanted side effects.

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