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These Sativa-dominant Suver Haze Prerolls are great for sharing or smoking all to yourself! Each pack comes with five 0.75g prerolls that are high in Myrcene, Suver Haze’s dominant terpene. Each of our Suver Haze Pre Rolls is housed in a 98mm Raw-brand hemp paper cone and packed with our sun-grown Suver Haze hemp flower.

Suver Haze Prerolls- 17.1%

  • Suggested Use How to light a Suver Haze Preroll Lighting one of Sunset Lake CBD’s Suver Haze Pre Rolls will require a lighter and a little patience. First, you’ll want to hold the preroll by pinching the mouthpiece. Hold it so that its long side is parallel with the ground, and use the lighter to light the crown (another name for the folded-over end). Take care to turn the preroll in your fingers as you light it to achieve a uniform burn. Once the preroll can stay lit without the use of the lighter, pull the flame away and blow out any remaining active flame on the crown. Put the mouthpiece between your lips and pull slowly. You’ll know you have a good burn going if the other end of the preroll glows during your pull. How to smoke a Suver Haze Preroll Once your preroll is lit and pulling without resistance, pull and inhale the smoke at your leisure. Keep smoking until you’re satisfied with your CBD dose, or you finish the preroll. Remember that peak blood concentration of CBD occurs about 2- 3 minutes after inhalation, so don’t rush through your preroll. Once you’re finished, please compost or dispose of your mouthpiece responsibly.

  • Raw-brand Classic 98mm Cone, Suver Haze Sifted Pre Roll Mix Sun-grown, Pesticide-Free, Vegan Test Results & Disclaimers Certificate of Analysis | Suver Haze Prerolls Adult use only. The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery during or after use. Do not use this product while pregnant or nursing. Consuming this product in any quantity may result in a failed drug test. Do not consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances while using this product.

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